The hobby of Hein Krammer

HeinGoal of this website is to contact people who are interested in my main hobby, namely

the Hungarian and Romanian gipsy music.

I am intensively engaged in this hobby from 1955. I learned the Hungarian and Romanian languages, I visited these countries frequently. From books, discs, radio and orally from Hungarians and Romanians I gathered about 2000 songs and dance melodies. Almost exclusively, I play the gipsy music at the piano, a little bit at the cimbalom. In an electronic card-tray I organised a part of the gathered Hungarian and Romanian melodies. Herein you find with the most of the items

   Tune   a simplified melody sheet,
   Midi   a simple rendering of the melody by midi,
   Lyrics   the lyrics of the song along with a translation into English,
   Piano   an example of my interpretation on piano, and
   Arrangement   a piano arrangement of the music.

The webpage person contains some further information about my live and background, mainly in relation to this hobby.

From August 1998 when I took my pension I have more time to spend in this hobby than before. I like to make contacts, for instance by e-mail:

info (at) heinkrammer (dot) nl.

Hein Krammer, Zuid Esch 1, 7622 DB Borne, tel. +31-74-2670383

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